4 Old School Techniques to Get Real Estate Clients


With technology being used everywhere by everyone, many of the old-school techniques are being ignored. Some of these processes are still good ways for a real estate agent to meet more people who might be interested in buying or selling a property. The top four old-school techniques for finding new clients are:

1. Postcards

Sending snail mail versus an email is one way to catch the attention of potential leads. Many online printing companies can make a card specially designed for you. Make sure it has your name, brokerage name, required license numbers, office address, email, and cell phone. Let them know they can text you also. Target a particular neighborhood that you are familiar with or would like to sell homes ins. On the postcard, offer to give them a free market evaluation on their property or offer to explain to them why online companies value their home at a certain price.

2. Free Online Ads

Many websites allow businesses to post services for hire. Take advantage of free publications. You may find you get many questions because people can contact you without having to give out their real email. They just reply through the online platform. Advertise a home you have to sell, or ask a coworker if you can advertise one of their homes. Place in the ad that you are a real estate agent and follow all local disclosure guidelines. It is a method where you can show your value and gain a new customer.

3. Hold a Workshop

Use your office, or see if you can book a room at your local public library to hold a homebuyer’s workshop. Take out ads, and send out postcards to apartment buildings advertising the free workshop. Have simple booklets our handouts made to give the buyer information about the process plus all of the ways they can contact you. Ask everyone to sign in at the meeting. After the workshop, plan to stay late to answer questions and book appointments for future meetings. For those of you interested, Chestnut Park has more information available on their website.

4. Open Houses

Holding homes open to the public has been done for years, and it is one of the most popular ways to get new leads because the people come to you. Having a successful open house means being prepared. To prepare, study what other homes have sold for in the neighborhood, and be able to discuss fine details about the home you are holding open. Know the school district you will be in and talk to the neighbors. Neighbors will often tell you about hidden gems, such as little-known walking paths.

Using old-school techniques does not mean old-school clients either. These methods may bring in the curious buyer or seller who found your style unique or outside the box and refreshing.