How to Shower without Getting Hair Wet


Long hair can be tricky to protect from water during a shower. Though it may seem like a simple task at first, there are clever and practical ways to keep your hair almost dry.

Think about using unusual items such as a small towel, a plastic bag, or even a shower cap to help you with this mission. Each of these methods needs some skill along with regular visits to a hair salon. With time and the right approach, you can effectively defend your hair from unwanted dampness.

We’ll also look at other options like changing the angle of the showerhead or taking a bath instead. It will give you a complete set of tools for keeping your hair dry in various shower situations.

Let’s learn how to shower without getting your hair wet.

Small Towel

Do you happen to have a small towel lying around? These would be the perfect items to shield your hair from water in your shower. However, the trick here is how you wrap it around your hair. It will take some finesse, especially initially, but it can be done with enough patience.

To begin with, simply grab both ends of the towel and position one end behind your skull. Using the other end, wrap the towel around the circumference of your head. You should be able to wrap around all exposed areas of your hair without much issue. Then, ensure the right knot is made to conclude the process.


If small towels are unavailable in your bathroom, you must think outside of the box a bit. With this in mind, your next best bet is to use a plastic bag. This strategy can be as effective as using a small towel and better shielding your hair from water. Plus, it may be much easier to tie around your head.

With the right positioning, place the bag on top of your head. Ensure all loose ends of your hair are covered accordingly, matching the perimeter of the bag. Then, use both handle parts of the bag to make a knot behind your skull. Then, you should have a great resource here to protect your hair from becoming wet.

Shower Cap

Some strategies for keeping your hair dry while in a shower require a bit of creativity. However, all of this is unnecessary should you choose a shower cap. As the name implies, a shower cap is a type of headwear fitted on your head. One of the best advantages of using one is that folks with long hair can benefit immensely.

Most shower caps for sale can hold a ton of hair under the headwear. Place most of your hair into the cap before putting it on to put it on correctly. Once the cap has been placed on your head, tuck in any protruding amounts of hair inside. Then, the water coming out of the shower will not hinder your situation.


You seldom have enough control in the shower to dry certain body parts. Case in point, you may want to take a bath instead, at least for the short term. A bath offers complete control, where you can keep your hair dry by keeping it out of water. Moreover, it may be a worthwhile experience if you are just used to taking showers mostly!

Elastic Band

With the right maneuverability in mind, a good elastic band may be your best shot at keeping your hair dry. However, finding an elastic band thick enough to hold your hair is the trick. The ones that are of a thin composition are much more prone to snapping in two if they hold too much.

With the right item, simply grab your hair and tie it into a knot. Then tie the elastic band around it, but try to keep it loose. An overly tight band on your hair can cause damage, believe it or not.

Showerhead Angle

While in the shower, don’t forget to change the angle of the fixed shower head! This helps tremendously when trying to avoid water from coming onto your hair. Move your body periodically so that your hair can avoid as much contact with water as possible.

Handheld Showers

Use the handheld option, if available, for the most complete control while in a shower. This allows you to take your showers as normal while controlling the water flow inside. Doing this ensures that virtually no water touches hair by any stretch!