Making the Most of Your Corporate Travel Expenditures


Corporate Travel


Although we do more and more work online than ever before, corporate travel is still a mainstay of the business world. While some of these costs are unavoidable, there are ways to save money on corporate travel and make the most of travel expenditures. Here are a few tips for making your travel dollars go as far as possible.


Incentives Add Up

The travel industry is lucrative, but it’s also competitive, and travel-related companies often go out of their way to attract new customers and reward customer loyalty. Incentive travel packages allow you to recoup some of what you spend on corporate travel expenditures, and these programs are especially rewarding for businesses. Travel providers know that businesses grow and travel regularly, so many of their incentives offer significant savings.


A Bit of Fun Along With Work

Business travel often involves employees having to entertain themselves while away from home. While this can be fun, most employees don’t view it as much of a vacation. However, managers can coordinate with corporate event planners to schedule fun and rewarding activities for employees while they’re away from home. These events don’t necessarily have to be strictly related to work; a bit of team-building while on the road can lead to better communication and camaraderie when travelers return.



Although employees will need some downtime to relax while they travel, some become frustrated when they’re away from the office. By investing in telecommuting infrastructure, managers can ensure that employees can access their work information while waiting to meet with a client or waiting to board a flight. These tools have additional benefits as well, including allowing employees to access documents while meeting with a client.


Cutting Back on Travel

Inertia has a major impact on businesses of all sizes, and managers don’t always take into account all options at their disposal. This is especially true of travel, and some managers are likely to continue scheduling trips even when there are viable alternatives. Virtual meetings are more effective than ever before, and modern solutions can lead to seamless meetings without incurring expensive travel costs. While these meetings can’t replace all face-to-face meetings, eliminating a few trips per year can quickly cover the cost of virtual meeting infrastructure.

Efficiency is at the core of sound business operation, but efficiency isn’t always about cutting costs or putting in extra hours. By taking some time to consider outside-the-box strategies with regard to business travel, both large and small companies can make the most of the money spent on travel.



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