Indispensable Vacation Safety Tips


Vacations are a time to get away from the troubles and drama of home, the last thing you want to do is slog through the troubles and dramas of the Vacation gone South, and I don’t mean to New Zealand. The worst of vacation woes can be dealt with by simple planning and facing flakey situations with extreme prejudice.

Following are some Helpful Vacation Safety Tips worth considering, they just might keep you and your family having fun on your trip abroad.

1. Consider Travel Insurance

I never used it myself, but found that it literally saved the lives, or at least the sanity, of some families that were vacationing two bungalows over. It will mainly cover medical expenses, but that in itself is quite beneficial when dealing with foreign medical systems. Sometimes the “Foreigner Charge” can run suspiciously high.

2. Get vaccinated

And while we are talking about foreign medical systems, you may benefit from a vaccination to keep you safe from the many illnesses in the regions you will be visiting, and successfully avoid them. Wouldn’t it be a shame to be sick on your visit?

3. Beware of the Local Internet Cafe

There has been a rash of travelers who have noticed considerable deductions to bank accounts and credit cards while abroad. Many times this has to do with programs on local PCs designed to glean credit card numbers and other banking information. There can even be hackers lurking near “Free WiFi” connections waiting to “eavesdrop” on your financial profile. Don’t be a victim, keep your communications and financial information on secure lines and out of the pockets of miscreants.

4. Beware of the Guy wearing a Square Watch

Seriously, you should be just as careful of the guy with round watch or no watch. It is really difficult to profile the potential bozo trying seperate you from your travel resources, but they are out there. They are often extremely helpful and friendly as well, but then again so are many good hearted locals. The best advice is to never let your guard down and keep on eye on your valuables, including travelling companions, at all times.

By keeping some good common sense and these essential vacation safety tips, at the forefront of your approach, you and your party should have a great vacation and return home with only good memories and nifty souvenirs.