How to Raise Money Quickly in Less Than 30 Days


Money is an essential part of our everyday lives. Despite our best efforts to raise money through jobs and investments, these are occasionally not enough to cover our emergency expenses. If you’re behind on your bills, in-between jobs, or need cash for an emergency, it’s worth learning how to raise money quickly.

Fortunately, there are a few tactics you can use to generate some extra cash during tough times. Check out the eight different ways for how to raise money quickly:

1. Use a payday loan to raise money quickly

Payday loans can be the best financial tools to raise money quickly during a tough time. Payday loans are useful when you need money today and don’t have access to any credit. As long as you have proof of employment and identification, your payday loan should get approved.

Try and pay back the loan before the interest kicks in. Payday loans can be a smart way to raise money quickly as long as you don’t allow interest rates and fees to sneak up on you.

2. Sell some of your personal items to raise money

Selling your stuff may be painful, but it can be a great way to raise money quickly. Items like TVs, video game systems, old phones, and speakers will almost always have resale value. You can host a garage sale or post your items individually on local resale websites.

Facebook Marketplace can also be a great way to get rid of old items by quickly connecting with people in your area. Gently used furniture and clothes can also attract buyers.

3. Sign up for odd jobs to raise money quickly

Finding ways to help people is a great way to raise money on short notice. People almost always need help with difficult tasks or jobs that no one wants to do. Cleaning gutters, mowing lawns, or washing cars are examples of ways you can offer to help people in your community.

You can use local job boards to sign up for odd jobs with people who need an extra hand moving, painting, or help with any manual labor task. You can make a surprising amount of money by dedicating a full weekend to odd jobs.

4. Convert money into bills

Gathering change may seem like a waste of time, but every cent adds up. Some studies estimate that there’s 90$ worth of loose change in the average American household. If you’re in a pinch, there’s a good chance you can find enough change in your house to at least buy a meal.

If you bring your change to the bank, you’ll have to roll your change before the bank gives you cash. You can also use a change machine where all you have to do is dump your change in and wait for the machine to give you paper money.

5. Become a Uber driver to raise money

Becoming an uber diver is a great way to turn your vehicle into an asset. As long as you have good insurance, a reliable car, and good social skills, you can earn some money driving people around. Driving around during peak hours, such as Friday or Saturday nights is when you can make the most money.

Keep in mind the condition of your car can influence your tips. Try and keep your car smelling fresh and looking clean.

6. Try pet sitting jobs for money

One of the more fun ways you can earn money is by pet sitting. The more experience you have caring for animals, the more you can charge for your services. There are websites like where you can upload your profile and credentials, and people can reach out to you. Dog walking is also another great way to make money on the side. You can promote your services by posting signs in your local area.

7. Offer tutorial services to earn money quickly

Being proficient with a skill gives you the opportunity to earn money tutoring others. If you can play an instrument, write computer code, or if you’re really good at one particular subject, you can use your skills to tutor others and earn money. Try advertising your tutoring services at libraries and schools.

Tutoring is a pretty low effort way you can raise money quickly since all you need is to be willing to give you time and share your knowledge with others.

8. Sign up for medical experiments to raise money quickly

If you really want to learn how to raise money quickly, you can look for medical experiments in your local area. Hospitals, clinics, or research facilities sometimes need volunteers to test vaccines or new treatments. Sometimes they may even need volunteers for a long-term medical study.

If you decide to raise money through this method, make sure you get all the details about the experiment before proceeding. While most experiments are harmless, doing something that can impact your health will likely cost you more than the money you’ll make participating in the experiment. Make sure you do your research before proceeding.