How to Create a Minimalist-Style Living Room


A minimalist-style living room uses the most straightforward designs and essentials to create a clean and clutter-free space. You have probably seen such images on Pinterest and other interior design platforms and wished to transform your living room.

A minimalist-style living room is not hard to achieve as people think. You just need to adhere to some of the best ideas, if not all and watch your living room transform magically into a minimalist-style living room. You can also contact a reputable interior designer to guide you toward achieving better results.

Let’s learn how to create a minimalist-style living room:

1. Schedule De-cluttering Program

Creating a minimalist living room in a stuffy room can be pretty challenging. With less clutter in the living room, you can think strategically about where and how to arrange the remaining essentials. Implementing simple and unique designs in a minimalist living room is always the way to go.

Therefore, you might also need to reduce the number of decorations across the room; otherwise, it would still appear cluttered. Make de-cluttering your occasional friend rather than waiting for months to do it.

2. Get Fancy With Storage Solutions

De-cluttering and storage solutions go hand in hand in creating a minimalist living room. Fancy and hidden storage solutions are best suited for minimalist living rooms. After a successful de-cluttering session, you can place everything in its appropriate storage space and achieve a minimalist living room.

You should also eliminate plastic bags for storage and adopt other fancy and fashionable storage options such as hidden cabinets, decorated storage baskets, and hooks.

3. Choose Your Furniture Items Wisely

The living room is defined by what furniture it holds. For instance, if you go traditional and formal with your household items, the room would be defined as it appears. Conversely, a minimalist living room is defined by simple, medium-sized, classic, and high-quality household items from sofas, tables, stools, décor, and accessories. Besides creating a minimalist-style living room, the items also communicate the owner’s personality and heart desires.

Your choice of furniture matters, especially if you want to create a minimalist-style living room. Browse a furniture store to pick simple, plain items best suited for minimalist spaces. Some furniture designs you can adopt for your minimalist-style living room are leaning bookcases, clear stools, armchairs for the dining area, and ostrich-leg tables. The key is to avoid too much complexity while enjoying one’s living space.

4. Bring in the House Plants

Another way of creating a minimalist living room is by accommodating space for some houseplants. Besides purifying the air, house plants make the living room more calm, relaxing, and welcoming.

However, don’t incorporate many plants in the room; just a few pieces across the corners and around the TV can perfectly serve the purpose. The results are even more effective when you use neutral-coloured plant holders or heavy glass jars.

5. Include a Single Eye-Catching Feature

After incorporating the above neutral colours across your living room, you can include a single eye-catching accent for a more minimalist look. The accent can be revealed through furniture, wallpaper, or artwork.

This creates a popping area across the living room, which everyone would view as appealing and relaxing. Ensure not to overdo the stand-alone feature to avoid messing up with what you have been working on.

6. Adopt Warm Neutral Colours and Patterns

White and grey interior colours are the gateway to a minimalist-style living room. However, ensure the space doesn’t feel too calm or dull to the extent of creating boredom by combining different tones to create a cool pattern.

Some examples of adorable neutral colour combinations include white and grey, beige and white, and cream and grey. Such colours make the most relaxing, welcoming, and appealing minimalist living room.

7. Use Soft Rugs, Pillows, and Blankets for More Comfort

Some items you cannot afford to miss for your minimalist living room are soft and cozy rugs, carpets, throw pillows, and blankets. You must be familiar with how it feels to have your legs or hands immersed deep into such fabrics- magical, right?

However, you don’t have to maintain similar textures for all your living room fabrics. An assortment of textures showcases the diversity and is more appealing with visual effects.

8. Fix the Lighting

There’s nothing more minimalist in a living room than enough lighting. When you fix the lighting, your living room will feel more peaceful, relaxing, spacious, and welcoming- all you need to achieve is a minimalist style.

There are several ways of brightening your living room more, such as incorporating additional artificial lights and allowing natural light to flow into the room. To go natural with the lighting, you just need to trim the overgrown bushes and branches around the windows, use light colours on curtains, interior paints, and other living room essentials, and decorate the room with mirrors for maximum reflection.