Four Ways a Trash Compactor Benefits Your Business


When you operate a business that generates a lot of trash, you need a trash compactor to handle all of it. These devices come in a range of sizes and power capacities. The modern compactors also offer helpful safety features such as laser eyes like those on garage door openers. Consider these four ways in which trash compactors could benefit your business.

1. Reduce Your Refuse Expenses

When you use a trash compactor, you may be able to lower your costs of refuse disposal. Compacting the trash may allow you to decrease the frequency at which your business’s waste is picked up by the refuse collectors. Crushing and condensing the trash means that the same amount of trash takes up less space in the refuse container. If you previously needed to have the container emptied twice per week, it is possible that compacting the waste could decrease your pickup frequency to once per week.

2. Lower the Risk of Trash Picking

Some people make a living off of picking items out of the trash. While some people might just be looking for boxes of expired cereal or items that are still useful, other trash pickers might be looking for pieces of mail with confidential information or financial details. Compacting the trash squishes everything together in a way that makes it impossible for a picker to dig through it and sort through items, look at individual things or take out items for their own use.

3. Lessen the Risk of Injuries

Trash pickers may jump into refuse containers to look for items. When doing so, they could get injured. Your business could be held liable for someone’s injury, even if you have signs posted about no trespassing. When you start compacting the trash generated by your business, the trash pickers will start to go elsewhere. Your liability or risk of an injury lawsuit from a person jumping into your refuse containers will decrease.

4. Minimize Your Workload

With a trash compactor crunching down on the refuse, you will not have to take as many bags of garbage out to the refuse container. This lessens the workload for you and your employees. Instead of spending time taking out the trash, you could be getting more work done during your work day. You will not have to spend as much time or money ordering or buying garbage bags, since the compacted waste will take up less space and need fewer bags.