Four Times When Furnished Apartments Are the Best Housing Option


When most people think about an apartment rental, they think about moving all of their belongings into a completely empty space. Leasing an unfurnished apartment requires you to bring your all of your furniture, décor, electronics and more with you. Most unfurnished apartments require you to sign at least a six to 12-month lease. While this type of housing option is ideal for many situations, there are times when you may have more unique housing needs. Furnished apartments provide you with an excellent alternative. These are some of the primary instances when leasing a furnished apartment is a smart idea.

1. When the Alternative Is to Stay in a Hotel for Several Weeks

Hotel rooms are typically available for a nightly rate, and they provide you with essential comforts in a small, cramped space. Some hotels offer extended-stay options with weekly rates. If you plan to stay in a hotel for a lengthy period of time, a furnished apartment may be a more practical and comfortable option. In addition to potentially saving money by avoiding expensive hotel rates, you may feel more comfortable in a larger and more home-like space.

2. When You Relocate Frequently

Some people move around frequently because of their profession or because they are retired and enjoy experiencing different areas for a few months at a time. If you relocate frequently, you understandably want to feel settled in your temporary space. However, it may not be practical to move all of your belongings around with you so frequently. Furnished apartments are a great housing option for this type of scenario.

3. When You Want to Keep Your Items in Your Current Home

There are instances when individuals may need to live in a new area for a few weeks or longer. They could relocate their belongings to their temporary location, but they do have plans to return to their original hometown at some point relatively soon. When a permanent relocation is not feasible, a furnished apartment enables you to live comfortably while also maintaining your existing home.

4. When you Are Starting Over

You may be starting over with minimal personal effects after a divorce, after your home was seriously damaged or after other major events occur. It may not be practical to purchase everything you need to set up a new home right away. Furnished apartments Montreal enable you to live comfortably while you get back on your feet.

While furnished apartments are not as common as unfurnished apartments, they do serve an important purpose. They are a great housing option to consider for comfortable temporary housing when a hotel stay or a major relocation is not reasonable. Spend time touring a few unfurnished units in your area to determine if this is the right housing option for you.