Four Benefits of Using a Trash Compactor


A trash compactor is a device that compresses trash into a more manageable form. Trash compactors give individuals and businesses the ability to handle trash more effectively. They can store more trash and makes it easier to last until the next garbage pickup day. Trash compactors are normally powered through the use of hydraulics and come in several shapes and sizes. This is a list of the four benefits of using trash compactors.

1. Saves space

A trash compactor makes it so that garbage take up less room. Garbage bags will be used less often and the garbage will not need to be emptied as much as a regular garbage can. It is easy to have plenty of room to store garbage until the next time the garbage is picked up and less room will be taken up in a landfill. Less space being taken up means that it is easy for garbage trucks to pick up the trash each week.

2. Recycling

Trash compactors can even be used for recycling. Any recyclable can be compacted, but the user needs to be sure to check the manual to see if it accepts glass. A trash compactor can easily compact aluminum and plastic items. The recyclables will take up less room in a recycling bin.

3. Function

Trash compactors can be used for any type of garbage including food items. Two weeks worth of garbage can typically fit into a a 30 pound garbage bag. Bag caddies can be used to easily move the garbage from the compactor to a curbside bin. Compacting garbage can allow most people to only use one garbage bin instead of two or more. Trash compactors can hold deodorizers inside to take away any smell that could attract rodents or bugs.

4. Easy to use

It is easy to use trash compactor. Trash compactors have either a foot petal or a handle to easily open the door. Pressing the compact button is the only step to compact all of the garbage. There is no need to replace the garbage bags often because less room is taken up in each bag. Kids may be more apt to clear the garbage from their bedroom because not only is a trash compactor easy to use, it could be fun for kids to know that their trash is being smashed together.