Discount Vacations


Finding travel deals is not always easy. It requires persistence, but the results are definitely worthwhile. Being able to travel more frequently, and without depleting the savings of a lifetime, is an excellent goal for the most dedicated traveler.

An economical, fun and relaxing way to vacation is on a cruise. Cruises depart all around the world each week of every year. They may take passengers to Alaska, the Mediterranean or Antarctica. Itineraries range from just two or three days up to two weeks or longer. Taking a cruise is similar to reserving an all inclusive vacation package. When passage is booked, the passenger pays for meals, transportation, lodging and entertainment all at once. Other expenses that are incurred on board the vessel, such as for alcoholic beverages or spa treatments, are at the discretion of the traveler.

Many people who have not cruised before hold the misapprehension that cruising is expensive. The reality is that cruising may appear expensive on the surface because so many of the costs are paid for up front. Prospective cruisers should closely compare the cost of a cruise with the cost of booking a flight, hotels, rental car and dining on a different vacation. It’s quite likely they will be pleasantly surprised by the cost savings available on most cruise sailings.

Cruising is a relatively inexpensive vacation choice. Nonetheless, it’s still possible to book passage at discounted rates. Travelers may benefit by booking well in advance, perhaps as much as a year or more before sailing. These early bird savings are sometimes substantial, and these guests will have the advantage of more cabin choice. However, even larger discounts are available for flexible travelers who book at the last minute. Making a cruise reservation fewer than three months before the sailing date can garner some truly spectacular savings.

Cruise lines typically offer great last minute deals because they hate to see their ships leave port with empty cabins. The goal of any cruise line is to be 100% booked on every voyage. Accordingly, when they are faced with unsold cabins and a sailing date that is imminent, they start slashing prices. Passengers who book late get the same itinerary and enjoy the same onboard amenities. The one drawback is that they are not likely to have a broad choice of cabins. However, since cruises are all about getting out to enjoy the ship’s amenities and the exotic ports of call, this usually is not too much of a hindrance.

Whether the traveler books early or late, they may still benefit from incentives like free cabin upgrades and onboard credits for certain dollar amounts. These perks are frequently made available by the cruise lines and can provide a nicer cabin in a better location and some extra money to spend while on board the ship. By carefully monitoring cruise prices to look for reductions and taking advantage of cabin upgrades and onboard credits, it’s easy to book discount travel on a cruise.