9 Customer Service Tips for Working in Retail


Retail can be a great way to make some extra money or even start a great career. For many, it can simply be a means to an end. Most retail employees enjoy the freedom that comes when they’re not working. The moment they are off the clock there are no late-night emails or early morning presentations to prepare. You work your hours, and then you are done.

Working in an environment like a shopping mall has its advantages. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere in shopping centres like Burlington Heights Plaza, packed with excited shoppers. However, retail is not always an easy job. Not by a long shot. Surviving a shift in any retail environment can be very challenging. From demanding managers to less than friendly customers, you are going to need a thick skin.

You might find some tips and tricks helpful to make it through until the end of your shift. Here are the nine customer service tips for working in retail:

Tip #1: Be hardworking

This tip is easier said than done, but the first thing that you need to consider is how you are perceived by your manager and colleagues. You should always be on time, conform to the dress code, and follow all of the rules. This might be a little frustrating at times, however, keeping in good standing with those you work with will make a huge difference.

You can work hard to make the retail store thrive. Shelf management is an essential part of working in retail, so you should always make sure the shelves are stocked, and the signs are accurately displayed. Your work ethic will demonstrate in the physical appearance of the store, so keep those stocks fully replenished!

Tip #2: Respect the customer, no matter what

The customer is why your job exists. Management will expect you to treat every customer and potential customer with respect. If a situation arises where you believe the customer is being unreasonable and you have tried every solution that you are authorized to do, then simply involve management.

It is very important that you never make any confrontation with a customer into a personal argument. Simply address their concerns and escalate to the manager on duty if needed.

Tip #3: Work extra hard, and be seen doing it

You won’t get any awards or praise for toiling away silently in the stock room. If you are working hard on something or going out of your way to help out a customer, be sure to let your manager know what you have done. Managers are often impressed by problem solvers who can make their lives easier and also increase profits.

Tip #4: Don’t be late

It doesn’t matter if you have the best excuse that ever existed. Being late means that someone else needs to do your job for you. Sometimes it means that there are not enough people to do the job at all. Even with the best possible reason for being late your absence will be noted and held against you in the future. This is frustrating and unfair, but it can’t be helped.

This is also true of any sick days that you take. If you are sick and there is no way to prevent it, you should always get a note from your doctor so that you at least have proof that you just didn’t feel like coming into work that day.

Tip #5: Don’t complain

You might not love the timing of the shifts that you are given or even the hours that you have to work, especially when you are new. This is something that you should not gripe or complain about. No one likes working alongside a negative person and your complaints will probably fall on dead ears.

Tip #6: Stay flexible

When an extra shift opens up, or you are asked to cover for someone, if you can make it work, do. Getting a reputation as the guy to call first when a shift needs covering will allow you to get more shifts and earn more money. Your manager will also begin to trust you more and more.

Tip #7: Don’t gossip

It is amazing how much drama can be found on the retail floor. All coworkers gossip, but it can turn nasty very quickly. The best thing to do is to avoid gossip as much as you can. Let others squabble amongst themselves. It’s not worth the time and energy that many people put into it.

Tip #8: Be a team player

You should always be willing to help your co-workers if needed and be ready to support your manager when they need you to. By obeying all of the rules and following all best practices you will be showing your manager that you are worth keeping around.

Tip #9: Keep track of your hours

You should not rely on your manager to keep track of your hours. They might make an honest mistake and not pay you what you are owed. This can be very frustrating, the best advice is to keep your cool and let them know the accurate number of hours that you worked.