7 Workout Accessories for Guys as a Holiday Present


If there was ever a direct route to follow to a better mood and improved health, surely hitting the gym is the way to go. No one ever feels worse after a workout, but it can sometimes be a struggle to muster up the energy to get yourself to the gym in the first place.

There are numerous different strategies that one can employ to help boost motivation and build a gym habit, and one of the easiest ways is making sure to have the right accessories for an effective, comfortable, and rewarding workout.

If you are looking for gift ideas in this upcoming holiday season, workout accessories make for great presents for guys. Check out these seven workout accessories for guys and how they can help build a consistent gym practice:

1. A gym bag

A good way to ensure that you don’t end up skipping those gym visits is to have a gym bag packed and ready to go the night before. Another way to make that routine even more enjoyable is to get a gym bag you really like. A good gym bag has room for a water bottle, shoes, and a change of clothes, in addition to any specialised equipment needed.

It used to be that gym bags for guys only come in a few limited colors and styles. Fortunately, your options have expanded thanks to the creativity of manufacturers. Nowadays, you can find many different types of gym bags in various themes. You can even have custom branded gym bags with a special message or an interesting logo to stand out from your workout buddies.

Be sure to consider the size of a gym locker though, you don’t want something that is too big or that you’ll have to awkwardly force into the locker. Also, it’s a good idea to try a gym bag on for size before buying in order to make sure it offers a comfortable wear and falls at a good place on the body.

2. A water bottle (or protein shaker)

Regardless of one’s drink of choice while hitting in the gym, it is important to have the right vessel for the job. An easy to open, easy to wash, and sleek looking beverage container will ensure that dehydration is never the cause of a less than stellar workout.

Keep in mind that you want something sturdy which can stand up to a little kicking around, and certainly don’t want to skimp when it comes to volume. Running out of water just when things are getting juicy is the quickest way to kill the vibe you’ve built up while working out.

3. Socks

This is one of the most essential workout accessories for guys. Socks are easy to overlook, but they make a big difference when it comes to comfort while working out. That being said, the best sock for the job changes depending on the type of workout. An ideal weightlifting sock is going to look different than a running sock, but in general you want something with wicking technology that will help keep your feet stay cool and dry.

Prone to fungal infections? You can now check out copper-infused athletic socks that help keep infection-causing moisture at bay and give your feet an extra layer of protection against the ever-dreaded athlete’s foot.

4. Gym chalk

For anyone looking to pump some serious iron, gym chalk is an absolute must. It is cheap, readily available, and critical for a safe and effective workout. Gym chalk keeps hands protected, provides grip, and helps make those weightlifting dreams a reality. Although some gyms do provide chalk in their weight sections, it is advisable to just bring along your own in a plastic bag. Keep it with the rest of your gym stuff and it will always be there for you when you need it.

5. A pair of headphones (or earbuds)

There aren’t many things that music doesn’t make better and a trip to the gym is certainly not one of them. On days when energy levels are low and motivated is in short supply, being able to turn up the tunes and work out to your favourite music will often be a game changer.

Make sure you get something that fits your ear really well and that won’t fall out or off during a vigorous workout. You’ll also want to look for something that is geared towards athletes and can offer sweat resistance and durability.

6. A heart rate monitor

Another piece of technology that is likely to serve you well at the gym is a heart rate monitor. It will provide a lot more insight into how your workouts are progressing and just give you a better understanding of how your body works.

It also helps you stay safe when pushing your body to its extremes and warns you when it is time to lay off a bit.

7. No-tie shoelaces

The idea is to make the process of getting ready to work out as simply as possible so you can focus on what counts. There are lots of handy no-tie shoelaces that keep your runners fitting just right without ever becoming too loose or too tight. What’s more, you never have to worry about a undone lace getting caught up in an exercise machine. Win!