7 Things You Should Do While Your Movers Are Moving


Movers are known for their professionalism, efficiency and fast service; however, homeowners should assist with the moving process. Here are some things you can do while the movers are moving.

1. Disconnect and Unplug Electrical Appliances

Unplug and disconnect all those wires, cables and cords at the back of the TV stand. You don’t want to have to pay your Hudson movers to spend 30 minutes trying to untangle all those cords.

You can save a considerable amount of money while making things easier for the moving company by helping to organize those wires and cables. Keep them in a separate bag and make sure it is properly labelled.

2. Valuables Should Only Be Moved By Their Owners

Ideally, it is wise to keep your valuable items with you at all times. These items include jewellery, bank cards, valuable documents, cash, prescription medications and more. Moving companies will not be held liable and accountable if your valuables get damaged or lost while in transit. The transportation of your valuable items is your responsibility, so pack them up in your car while the movers are moving.

3. Keep Kids and Pets Away

One of the priorities of moving companies is safety. And while the professionals have been well-trained to perform their tasks with safety in mind, it is essential that you do everything possible to keep you and your family safe.

If you have pets or kids, keep them as far away from the action as possible. This way, you can be guaranteed of their safety while you’re busy handling other tasks.

4. Make a Space for Your Personal Items

While preparing to move, you’ll find personal items you probably want to keep handy. These items include chargers, mobile phones, toothbrushes, etc. To this end, it is essential that you create a space for all the items you’ll need on hand the moment you move into your new home. Keep them in a properly labelled box and take them to your car.

5. Defrost Your Freezer

Failure to defrost or clear your freezer ahead of time will set you back in time. Movers won’t take perishable foods in their trucks, so it’s up to you to remove them from the freezer and pack them up. Then, all the movers have to do is quickly load up the defrosted freezer, if you’re taking it with you to your new home.

6. Offer Refreshments

Moving is a physically demanding job. Odds are your movers will most likely get tired and dehydrated, particularly if they’re moving during the hot summer months. Replenish their strength by offering cold refreshments. This is a great way to keep them fueled for the remaining tasks of the day. Apart from that, it shows your appreciation for their efforts and professionalism.

7. Dismantle the Shelves

First, remove all the items from your shelves and pack them in a marked box. The next step is to dismantle the shelves. Once done, tie up the shelf units together using some string. By doing this, you save movers the time it takes to move those individual items and disassemble the shelves.

Helping movers while they’re moving doesn’t just make the moving process faster, it also helps you save more.