7 Situations That Require Locksmith Services Other Than Getting Locked Out


Professional locksmiths handle a wide variety of tasks. The services that they offer include more than just helping people getting into their homes or cars. With quality locksmith services, homeowners can improve the security of their home.

1. Replacing Locks on a New Home

When buying a new home, the previous owner hands over the keys to the new owner. However, there may be other keys out there. The previous owner may have given keys to various friends or family.

Professional locksmiths can replace the locks on a new home to ensure that no one has access to the property except the new owner.

2. Installing Home Security Systems

A locksmith can also help install home security systems. Many locksmith services offer residential and commercial security solutions, including window sensors, door sensors, and security cameras.

Locksmiths may partner with other security services to offer 24/7 monitoring options for their customers. However, these monitoring services are often handled by the third-party security company instead of the locksmiths.

3. Installing Floor or Wall Safes

Homeowners and businesses often call locksmiths to install safes. Locksmiths can ensure that the safe will fit in the intended location and offer advice on selecting the right safe.

Locksmiths may also help with lock-related issues concerning the safe. For example, the owner may forget the combination to a lock or lose a key. Like a door or car lock, locksmiths can often provide access to the safe and replace the lock. A good source for more information is the Lockup Services website.

4. Rekeying Existing Locks

Locksmiths can rekey most locks without needing to replace the lock. However, the ability to rekey the lock depends on the type of lock and its condition. If it is an older lock with a lot of rust and corrosion, the locksmiths may recommend replacement.

The main advantage of rekeying is getting to keep the existing locks. In many cases, this is a cost-effective way to prevent access to a home without replacing locks. After the rekeying is complete, the existing keys will no longer work.

5. Installing Smart Electronics

Many locksmiths are keeping up with the changes to technology. Besides installing security systems, they can install various smart electronics. These products include smart doorbells, security monitoring systems, fire sensors, flood sensors, and even smart light bulbs.

Smart electronics are devices that are designed to be controlled via a central interface, such as a home automation system or a mobile application.

6. Creating Duplicate Keys

People also often forget that locksmiths can make duplicate keys. While many hardware stores offer this service, locksmiths have access to better equipment, ensuring that the new keys work properly and do not damage the lock.

7. Professional Advice

Locksmiths are also available to provide professional advice for any lock-related question. Whether a homeowner needs advice on selecting the most secure door lock or upgrading their security system, they can get reliable suggestions.

Along with these services, many locksmiths are also available for emergency lockouts. When someone locks him or herself out of the car or home in the middle of the night, help is typically just a phone call away.