7 Plumbing Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore


Your house makes many sounds, from the noise of the air pushing through your vents to your creaky floorboards. While some sounds are natural and innocent, others may be tell-tale signs of problems, such as strange plumbing noises. Below are the seven plumbing sounds you shouldn’t ignore. You’ll want to investigate them to determine what they are and what needs to be done.

1. Banging

When you turn on your taps, you might hear what’s known as a water hammer—a large, loud banging sound. This noise occurs when a closed valve stops the water from rushing through the pipe. It’s typically a result of pipe valve air chambers that are clogged with water.

If you hear this noise, you’ll want to call a plumber to clear the clog. Otherwise, you could face loosened piped joints and damaged pipes. There are resources available at Drain Rescue if you want more information.

2. Shaking

Although all pipes will shake when there’s water running through them, the shaking sound shouldn’t be loud enough for you to notice it. If it is, it’s likely your pipes aren’t secured enough. The most likely culprit is a loosened mounting strap. You’ll either want to try tightening the straps or replacing them if they’re worn.

3. Gurgling

Another sound that’s caused by a clog, gurgling happens when there are issues with your drain vents. Properly venting your drains will prevent air bubbles from being created, which causes the strange gurgling sounds you hear. You may need to get your drain vents replaced.

4. Running Water

Of course, water in your home should only run if you’ve turned on a tap. If you’re hearing running water otherwise, you likely have a faulty flush valve on your toilet. Letting your toilet run continuously due to this problem will significantly increase your water bill, so it’s best to have it looked at.

5. Ticking

If you’re hearing a tick, tick, tick, you might be facing one of three common plumbing problems. You may have an unstable or loose pipe. You might have an issue with your water meter, particularly if you only hear the ticking while you have water running. Or you might be hearing the expansion and the contraction of your plumbing pipes. A call to your local plumber can help you find a solution.

6. High-Pitched Sounds

High-pitched sounds coming from your home are never a good sign. It doesn’t mean your home is haunted, however. It could mean your pressure-reducing valve in your bathroom or kitchen is worn and needs to be adjusted.

7. Whistling

If you’re hearing whistling sounds when you turn on the water valve, you likely have a sediment buildup in your pipes. This typically occurs at the bends of pipes. Water doesn’t have enough room to flow through the pipes due to the buildup, and pressure-reducing valves should be installed at the source to solve this issue.

If you’ve lived in your home long enough, you’re used to the strange and not-so-strange noises it tends to make at all hours of the day or night. If you suddenly hear some abnormal noises around the house, your plumbing might need some maintenance or repair. It’s best not to ignore these plumbing sounds. Your local plumber can determine where the sound is coming from and how to fix the issue.