7 Best Paint Colors for Rooms With Lots of Natural Light


Are you thinking of painting a room in your home that gets lots of natural light? You will want to choose a colour that doesn’t look washed-out in the middle of the day when the sun is the strongest. Luckily, you have many options when it comes to paint colours for a room with lots of natural light.

Light colours, medium-depth paint colours, and even dark colours all work well in these types of rooms. Painters frequently work with medium-depth paint colours, which work well since they tend to balance intense light quite nicely. Dark colours also work well thanks to their ability to help balance the warm rays coming in through the window.

With so many options, where should you start? We have listed seven best paint colors for rooms with lots of natural light:

1. Blue Colors

Blue is one of those versatile colors that works well in many different types of rooms., including rooms with lots of natural light. By choosing a shade of blue, you’re left with a paint colour on your walls that is flexible and can change throughout the daylight hours. No matter the time of day and how much sunlight is coming through your windows, blue will always look great.

When it comes to furniture, fixtures, and finishes, white always looks classic and crisp when combined with blue. You really can’t go wrong when choosing this colour!

2. Warm Gray Colors

Gray can be one of the best colors for rooms with lots of natural light After all, is there really a room that gray doesn’t look good in?

Warm gray works well in rooms with lots of natural light since its able to hold itself well when there’s lots of natural light shining on it.

White is a great choice to pair with gray. This classic combo complements each other well and looks good in bright sunshine.

3. Medium-Toned Gray Colors

Medium-toned gray paint usually has soft green undertones. This gives the gray great visual weight and makes it an interesting colour for your walls without being too overwhelming. The green undertones do a good job of balancing out a room that gets lots of natural light.

As we mentioned above, white is a great option to complement your gray walls. Think white curtains, accents, and décor elements.

4. Green Colors

There are so many benefits to opting for green on your walls. Green gives the room lots of personality, has a vintage feel, and can even be quite playful. This colour works well in rooms with lots of natural light and can truly stand the test of time.

If you’re thinking about doing an accent wall, green is a wonderful option. In this scenario, you would paint one wall green (the one that you want to be the focal point). Then you would place a large furniture item like a sofa in a living room or a bed in a bedroom along this wall. Paint the rest of the walls in a nice, crisp white and you can be sure it will hold up even with peak sunlight shining onto it.

5. Navy Blue Colors

If you’re looking for a colour that makes a bold statement, opt for navy blue. This colour is truly timeless and looks good in many spaces, including those with lots of natural light.

Navy blue works well in a dining room or a bedroom. This is another colour that does really well as an accent wall.

You can further elevate this classic shade of blue by pairing it with gold accents. It also works well paired with gray, beige, and white furnishings and accents. To warm up the look of your navy room, add wood finishes and natural textures.

6. Cool Pink Colors

Different shades of pink are becoming more and more popular. In a room that receives lots of natural light, opt for a cool pink. This shade will work as a neutral colour in your room and will play off the extra sunshine nicely. If you’re not a fan of neutral colours, this shade puts a modern twist on neutrals, giving your room more of a pop than other neutrals.

Pair this colour with red furnishings to give it that extra pop. If red isn’t your thing, think gold or white furnishings and décor elements.

7. Orange Colors

If bold colours are more your style, you’ll be happy to know that orange works well in rooms with lots of natural light. Opt for a vibrant shade of orange to really do it justice, but be sure to only paint one wall orange and leave the rest white. Going with an accent wall with help the colour pop while not being too overpowering.

Going with a vibrant orange in your room will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, so think of using it in a room where people gather such as a living room or family room.

Now that you have some ideas for paint colours, it’s time to make your decision and get to painting. Good luck!