7 Best Ideas for Decorating Over a Fireplace


Fireplaces are often a central feature in your home. They are a place to gather with family or cozy up on a chilly night with a cup of hot cocoa. The space above your fireplace is a natural place to create a statement, but you may need help figuring out how to get it right.

The space above your fireplace is a natural focal point, and there are so many different ways to decorate it. No matter your tastes, it is the perfect place to showcase your style. There are many ways to decorate electric fireplaces and make them feel like a cozy part of your home.

Check out these seven ideas for decorating over a fireplace:

1. Artwork

Some people wonder if it is safe to hang art over a fireplace, and the good news is that it can be. If you have a mantel, it will protect the artwork from the heat of the fire. Choosing a metal frame instead of wood is advisable. Consider budget-friendly pieces, just in case you need to replace them.

If you plan to hang one oversized piece of art, the rule of thumb is it should be around two-thirds of the size of the fireplace and mantle it is being hung over. Art is typically hung at eye level; however, you can often break this rule when hanging pictures over a fireplace. Using the mantel as a shelf will give the art a more casual feel and make it easier to change things around if you choose a different look.

2. Collectables

If there is something that you collect, your mantle is a fantastic place to display your favourite pieces. If your fireplace does not have a mantle, you could install floating shelves to show off your items.

3. Television

Indeed, television isn’t as pretty as a picture. Still, it can be practical and functional to hang one over your fireplace. Not only will you free up valuable floor space, but there aren’t many things cozier than watching tv in front of a roaring fire.

Choose a lightweight flatscreen TV that is large enough not to be dwarfed by the fireplace. Check the surface temperature over the fire and make sure that it doesn’t exceed the maximum temperatures recommended in the owner’s manual. Too much heat could affect the television’s lifespan and void any warranties.

4. Family Photos

If your family and friends tend to gather around the fireplace, it makes sense to display your favourite photos there. Don’t just stick to portraits; you can also show off your family trips or special events to add personality to the space.

There are different ways to showcase your photos above your fireplace. Frame them and create a gallery wall or rest them on the mantel. Try layering staggered images or incorporating other items to make the pictures stand out and add depth to your décor.

5. Mirror

Hanging a mirror over your fireplace is a classic choice for interior decorating. A beautiful mirror can add a touch of sophistication to your room, and at the same time, the reflection will help create the illusion of more space.

There are so many options for style, and you can’t go wrong by choosing what appeals to you most. Use the mirror as the focal point and add other décor items like vases, candles or greenery.

6. Oversized Clock

A large wall clock makes a stylish statement while also being a practical choice. If you want to make it a bold focal point, choose a clock the same size as the firebox. Hang the clock approximately six to eight inches above the mantle or on the fireplace. Add complementary items, like candle holders, to either side.

A large clock is ideal since you want to be able to tell the time no matter where you are in the room. If you don’t want to hang a clock on the wall, consider a tabletop clock.

7. Style with the Seasons

If you like to swap out your décor with the turn of the seasons, your mantle is a great place to do this. Using any of the above decorating ideas as a base or anchor piece, you can choose the other display elements based on the season or a holiday.

Add colourful blossoms to a vase or use indoor houseplants to liven up the space in spring. Pair them with white accent pieces for a crisp, clean look. Beach or coastal-themed décor is perfect for a summer mantle. Fall leaves, gourds and sunflowers are excellent choices for autumn, and amber or copper pieces add to the warmth of a fall design. A wreath above the mantle is a classic look in the winter. Garlands, pinecones, and pops of silver on the mantle add a wonderful wintry feel.