7 Best Grandpa Gift Basket Ideas for Holiday Season


Finally, wintertime has arrived, which can only mean one thing besides the unfortunate groggy weather conditions. The holiday season has finally arrived! However, the holiday season always follows with the dreaded task of determining which gifts are best suited for each one of your family members. This may be overwhelming but don’t worry – this problem has a feasible solution.

Make your family members a gift basket! A holiday gift basket is an excellent idea because of its ability to be tailored to any personality, theme, or budget. Gift baskets also contain multiple items, making this gift idea all the better!

Idea #1: Happy hour gift basket

This gift basket idea is perfect for the grandfather, a self-proclaimed “happy hour connoisseur.” It is a simple and easy gift for any amateur gift-giver to make. Include a collection of some of your grandpa’s most favoured alcoholic beverages.

Don’t feel shy to add even more additions to the basket, including snacks that best complement your DIY happy hour collection; this can include items such as pretzels, chocolates, crackers, and much more.

Idea #2: Jack-of-all-trades gift basket

Is your grandpa the go-to handyman in the family? Is he always doing small renovations and projects in his spare time? Why not create a “jack-of-all-trades gift basket” just for him this holiday season? Include all the essentials, such as multiple duct tape rolls, a hammer, an array of screwdrivers, a roll of measuring tape, and more.

You can add some personalization to this gift by customizing the handles on some items in the baskets. Get a little creative by personalizing your gift further. Don’t be afraid to customize the handles on some tools by adding a grip or even engraving his initials!

Idea #3: Sports-themed gift basket

This gift basket is perfect for the grandpa who passionately watches sports in your family. It is a highly versatile gift basket, as its possibilities are endless. It can be customized to fit the theme of any sport, including football, baseball, cricket, and more.

Be sure to fill it with his favourite snacks to eat and his favourite team’s merchandise, like a sports cap or jersey, and even try to include some tickets you scored to his favourite team’s next game!

Idea #4: Car gift basket

Does your grandpa love going for trips or spending time in his car driving? Why not try to make his car trips more enjoyable for him this year-round? For this super simple and easy gift basket, try to include a car freshener, a phone holder or charger, and some car accessories about some of his interests. You can also include car wash tickets or chamois and wipes to keep his prized vehicle sparkling clean.

Idea #5: BBQ-pro gift basket

Being an expert at handling the grill takes a lot of skill and expertise. There is a lot to consider, such as being careful not to burn the meat, making sure it’s cooked just right, and much more. Why not reward your grandpa for his exceptional grill-handling skills with a BBQ-pro gift basket?

Be sure to include essential barbecue tools such as tongs and a spatula, and even add some of his favourite sauces, snacks, and spices. This gift basket makes a simple yet thoughtful gift for this gift-giving season!

Idea #6: Favourite snack gift basket

Everyone has a favourite snack, so why not take this moment to gift your grandpa a basket filled with his favourites? This simple, easy, affordable, and thoughtful gift basket should include many of his favourite snacks with various flavours for an extra sense of variety!

Idea #7: Grooming kit gift basket

Self-care is a crucial part of everyone’s daily lives; it is important to take some time out of your day to tend to yourself, especially after a long and stressful day. Since self-care is so critical, why not encourage some self-care in your grandpa’s life by giving him the gift of a DIY grooming kit? Be sure to include a shaving razor, shaving cream, face wash, mask, moisturizer, and more to promote an at-home spa day!

For many people, the holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Choosing what kind of gift to get can cause a lot of anxiety, but it can be even more difficult to decide what gift basket to give. Fortunately, we have you covered with our seven original and distinctive gift basket ideas, which will show your grandpa how much you love him with such a thoughtful gift!