6 Security Guard Qualifications Needed for the Job


The general workforce that encompasses our society is filled with varied roles and responsibilities. No matter what position you come across, every professional will have been trained uniquely. From construction workers to security guards, these individuals are qualified through and through.

Security guards often have to go through the ringer before becoming qualified. Many unique aspects go into the application process, all of which require you to pay attention. If you are trying to become a security guard in the future, you will need to have many qualifications.

Getting a good grasp of the actual qualifications is necessary for any job you seek. When it comes to succeeding in the job, you will more than likely need a solid amount of soft skills too. These qualifications involve knowing how to communicate, especially if you want to be a security guard.

Here are the security guard qualifications needed to excel in this career:

Qualification #1: Security License

One of the most basic requirements of any security guard position involves getting the right license. If you happen to live in Canada, each province will have their requirements for obtaining it. For example, getting a security guard license in Ontario involves several steps. You have to meet the eligibility standards at the onset.

The easy areas involve being at least eighteen years of age, alongside having a clean criminal record. You must also work in Canada, whether you are a Canadian citizen or not. Government-regulated security guard tests will also be required, and you will have to pass them to move along the process.

Qualification #2: Security Guard Training

The license application process also involves completing the requisite training program too. In the most general sense, this program will last about forty hours and involve training. Security and first aid training are expected regarding what type of training you will receive.

Before receiving either type of certification, you must study hard and engage with your training. Your first aid training will also include a practical area, where you will have to demonstrate your knowledge. With enough dedication to the program, you will be well on your way.

Qualification #3: Training Completion Number

Before you pass the security test, an important qualification to have behind you is the completion number. After successfully finishing your training program, you will be given the figure. This test completion number is a necessary component, and you will need to register it for the security guard test.

Qualification #4: Security Guard License Application

You are almost at the end of the process! One of the final security guard license application qualifications involves the actual test. You will have to study hard and then practice at the beginning. Then, the test will involve you demonstrating that you know all the role requirements.

After passing the test, you are encouraged to apply for the license using a designated website. This can be done in one of two ways, however. The license can be sent to you faster if you apply online. Or, you can also do the traditional method by printing out and mailing in your application.

Qualification #5: Security Guard Job Application

Being qualified for a security guard role can seem daunting, especially when there are a ton of dynamics to know about. However, do not let this dissuade you, as you will be able to get through the process in due time.

After receiving your license, you can then begin looking for jobs. Thankfully, many companies are always looking for eager applicants. Get your resume, cover letter and references in good order, and you will then be able to find the job you are looking for.

Research is essential to finding the best security guard jobs. The best way to start youresearch is to simply look at job postings currently available. Check out your usual job board website, and inspect the qualifications needed to get the job. These requirements, while looking daunting, are much easier to get a hold of down the line!

Qualification #6: Security Guard Skills

There are several essential skills if you want to work as a security guard. For starters, you should be aware of how to deescalate a crisis. You will be engaging with various individuals throughout your shift once you get the job. As a result, you need to have good composure when dealing with people so that no one gets harmed.

Another security guard skill is preparation. You need to be ready for different types of situations, often at a moment’s notice. That means being physically and mentally prepared for any potential dangers. Being prepared will always be the best way to ensure you excel in your security guard job.