6 Leading Causes of Tooth Loss in Adults


When you are a small kid, there will be a great many bodily changes that will be had in the short term. One of those changes has to do with one’s oral health. The small teeth that you are born with will not be around forever, as they fall out to be replaced with adult teeth. These are the teeth that will mostly be with you for the rest of your life.

As you age into a more developed adult, you may experience some sensations in that area. Your adult teeth may fall out before their time for some unexplained reason. While it isn’t entirely common, there could be some underlying reasons for tooth loss to occur.

Here are the six leading causes of tooth loss in adults:

Cause #1: Poor Dental Care

The leading cause of tooth loss in adults is poor dental care. If your teeth falls out, it generally represents bad oral health. In other words, your teeth are not healthy enough to sustain in your body. Before this occurs to you, it is always recommended to take the right steps for healthy teeth and gums.

Regarding the latter, your gums should be taken good care of. They are the foundation for your teeth to be secure and not loose. Do not brush too hard on the gums, as you may increase the likelihood of rubbing the enamel out.

Floss and brush daily, and use the recommended guidance given to you by your dentist. If your teeth fall out, consult a dental professional right away. They may recommend solutions like dental implants to combat your tooth loss.

Cause #2: Smoking

Recreational smoking has been a human activity lasting over centuries. Whether the activity engaged with has tobacco or not, it has remained popular ever since. However, while the more secondary harms are well known, smoking also hampers your teeth. It may even accelerate tooth loss if you are a relatively healthy adult.

To retain your oral health, always cut down on tobacco use as much as possible. The chemicals inside your daily cigarettes break down the enamel quickly, resulting in tooth loss eventually. If you cannot cut it out completely, try your best to reduce your intake where and when possible.

Cause #3: Junk Foods

The foods we eat in our diet also play a large role in overall oral health care maintenance. No matter who we are, we all love to consume our favourite junk foods from time to time. While this can result in instant gratification, it may not be the best for your oral health. To stay on the safe side of things, cut back on artificial and processed foods.

Too many sugary foods will hurt your gums and, by extension, your teeth. If no action is taken, you may even accelerate the chances of obtaining cavities inside your mouth. Nobody wants to have a cavity, especially since they are so difficult to deal with already!

Cause #4: Gum Disease

While there are many external reasons for your adult teeth to fall out, others may be internal. There could be a set of circumstances that expedite disease occurring in your oral health. In this light, the gums are the first to be attacked, which can end up making your teeth fall out earlier than expected.

Many experts have noted that periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth decay globally. The disease could affect almost anyone for no discernable reason. Should you notice the effects of gum disease, it is best to get it treated as early as possible. That way, you can maintain your teeth for the long term.

Cause #5: Other Health Issues

Gum disease could be a direct way to result of your teeth falling out. However, other bodily issues can also have an ancillary effect on your teeth. Many individuals with type 2 diabetes note that the condition also negatively affects their oral health. There is a well-established link between gum diseases and this version of diabetes.

On the other hand, those with severe hyperextension may also see the condition affecting their teeth. While it is not as well defined as the diabetes connection, it may still play a large role at the end of the day. Speak to your health care specialist if you require more information.

Cause #6: Physical Injuries

For those who play many high contact sports, the likelihood of your adult teeth falling out dramatically increases. Or, if you have gotten a lot of physical injuries, your oral health may first deteriorate. Try your best to avoid these situations if possible. That way, your teeth can be maintained right into your twilight years!