6 Convenient Benefits of Trash Compaction


Trash compaction is becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses alike, and there are a great many reasons why. Any home or business can benefit from trash compaction, especially in a world that is being overrun by garbage. In tandem with your recycling, composting, and waste reduction tactics, here are some reasons to compact your trash.

1. Reduce the volume of waste

Trash compaction reduces the volume of overall waste by squishing it all together into a tight cube or bundle. This means less trips taking the garbage out for homes and paying less for garbage bin emptying for businesses. Trash compaction can help reduce trash by up to six times its original volume. It saves a ton of space, not only in the bins but in the landfills as well. And that means fewer landfills being created.

2. Reduce the volume of recycling

The title of “trash compaction” can actually be a little misleading. Trash compactors can, in fact, also compact recycling as well, so it is still a very useful appliance for people who are living reduced-waste lifestyles, or for businesses who have large volumes of recycling in addition to their garbage.

3. Get rid of the sight and smell

Whether you’re a business or an individual with a home, having a trash compactor eliminates having to see or smell the garbage. Trash compactors push down the garbage so you don’t have an overflowing garbage can. They also often come with deodorizers and other features to eliminate the smell of the garbage. It eliminates having bags of garbage laying around waiting to go out to the big bin.

Trash compaction also helps to avoid messy garbage – leaky garbage bags that leave a trail, or broken bags spilling all over the place – trash compaction helps to eliminate all of that.

4. Save the environment

Regardless of whether you are using your trash compactor for garbage or for recycling, it is a more environmentally friendly option than not compacting your garbage. Trash compaction reduces the number of garbage bags being thrown out. Any opportunity to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills is a great step forward in positive environmental impact.

It also reduces the number of trips for garbage trucks, ultimately reducing the gas usage and emissions from the trucks.

5. Safety

Trash compactor on both individual and large business scales have many safety features in place to avoid injury during usage. On the domestic (or maybe small business) side, the small garbage-can-like devices usually will not function unless they are completely closed, and some won’t work unless the user has a key. This is to try to ensure that children are not able to injure themselves or ruin valuable items they think are “fun” to throw into the compactor.

On a larger scale, there are not only training and safety measures to take, but these large machines also have safety features in place. Some will not start unless the door is shut and locked first, for example.

6. Increase productivity and save money

Why waste time on garbage when you don’t have to – you most definitely have better things to do. Using trash compaction helps reduce the time spent emptying garbage cans, replacing garbage bags, and taking trips to the outdoor bin. Your time is precious whether it is your personal time or your company’s time.

Especially on a business side, increasing productivity means saving money and making more money. Your employees won’t be wasting time on garbage, so they’ll be able to accomplish tasks in other areas of the business.

You’ll be spending less on supplies for garbage and garbage services if you jump in and get on board with trash compaction.