5 Ways Professional Movers Will Protect Your Home


As we’ve all likely heard at some point in life, moving is one of the most stressful events that occur in our lives. Not only is it stressful to organize, declutter, and pack on a timeline, squeezed in among various day-to-day responsibilities, but you also have to worry about your possessions and your home getting damaged during the move. Fortunately, professional movers will protect your old and your new home from damage, so you can at least eliminate some of the stress associated with moving.

1. Floor Protection

You likely don’t wear shoes in your home—you take them off at the door. Of course, you do this so you don’t carry dirt, mud, and debris throughout your home. However, you and your movers will be in and out of the house dozens of times during a move, so shoes need to stay on. To protect the floors during this time, movers will lay out floor protection, such as floor runners. These floor runners are made of rubber and grip the ground, meaning they can also prevent injuries from slipping and falling. Movers may also lay down self-adhesive plastic coverings on your floors to protect them, or they may use moving blankets. These covers ensure your floors won’t get damaged, whether they’re carpeted, hardwood, or vinyl. For further information, you may find there are more resources on the http://www.hudsonmovers.com/ website.

2. Banister Protection

It’s easy to scratch up banisters when going up and down the stairs with bulky furniture in your hands. To prevent scratches on both your banisters and your furniture, professional movers will tape up furniture blankets to your banisters to create a barrier.

3. Taking Apart Large Items

Large items such as couches, oversized chairs, and beds can be difficult to get through doors and through narrow hallways. If they aren’t taken apart, they can bang up walls and doorframes pretty good. That’s why movers will take these items apart, making them easier to transport and reducing the risk of damage to your walls.

4. Padding Furniture

Moving blankets will be taped on furniture before it’s moved to ensure that not only your furniture is protected but also your walls. A light brush of a dresser or couch against a wall can leave a scratch or mark, but this isn’t the case if it has a protective padded blanket surrounding it.

5. Removing Doors

Some furniture cannot be taken apart. And while the majority of your possessions will easily fit through the door, such as your boxes, nightstands, and chairs, bulkier items like oversized chairs, desks, or couches, and beds, may need just an extra inch or so to get through. Instead of trying to squeeze it through a door, movers may remove the door from its hinges to make extra space to move through the doorframe with large furniture unencumbered.

Movers will take these steps to protect your home from damage. However, if you’re still concerned about damaging walls, doorframes, or floors during your move, you can always request additional protection to put your mind at ease. Your new home is an investment, and you should ensure it’s adequately protected when you move in.