5 Ways a Commercial Law Specialist Can Help You in Your Business


If you are working as a business professional, you need to make sure you have the services of a lawyer who deals with commercial litigation Toronto matters. Doing so can keep you from having major disputes that can affect your professional reputation. The key ways this type of lawyer can help you in your business can be found below.

1. Antitrust Competition

Regardless of the type of business you operate, antitrust and competition laws can affect you. A lawyer who handles commercial legal matters can provide you with advice on various situations, including mergers, acquisitions, class actions, marketplace competition, and compliance. This type of knowledge will also allow you to meet compliance requirements with respect to certain trade practices and contracts.

2. Corporate and Commercial Disputes

Business disputes will arise every now and then. If you want to maintain a good professional rapport, you need to have an experienced lawyer back you up and resolve them. A lawyer can help, as he or she will learn more about your business and your specific goals.

This way, he or she can formulate solutions that will prevent or resolve business disputes, not only cost-efficiently, but effectively. Any business dispute can be disruptive, especially if it escalates to litigation or arbitration. In this instance, you need to have a lawyer represent you to protect your standing in the community.

3. Knowledge about a Wide Range of Industry Disagreements

When you work with a lawyer who offers commercial legal help, you also have access to a professional who understands all areas of business law. These areas cover commercial and corporate law as well as class actions, disputes amongst shareholders, commercial fraud, bankruptcy and insolvency, and estates and trusts. This type of knowledge can be applied to various industries as well, including the automotive field, banking, natural resources (mining, gas, and oil), technology, and telecommunications.

4. Real Estate Litigation Matters


Whilst most business professionals want to avoid litigation, it cannot be prevented in some instances. Therefore, a commercial legal specialist can help a client realize the goals that lead to a fast and equitable resolution of real estate disputes.

An experienced professional in this area can help you resolve real estate disputes that arise from breaches of contract, misrepresentations of commissions, disagreements involving property defects, or mortgage disputes.

A lawyer can also help you with commercial lease disputes and title disputes. For example, you can count on this type of legal service to manage evictions and terminations and lease defaults, as well as oversee rent review arbitrations.

5. Litigation Involving Fraud

Fraud is an increasingly growing problem for businesses, such as financial institutions. Therefore, it helps to know a lawyer who can help you mitigate disputes arising out of issues

concerning privacy. Fraud litigators can offer advice and pro-actively help companies with fraud prevention, detection, and recovery. This type of specialized service can assist in maximizing recovery for victims and helping identify ways to prevent and reduce future losses.

As you can see, you can benefit in a variety of ways when you rely on the services of a lawyer who offers commercial legal expertise. You cannot operate as a business unless you make sure your back is covered legally.