5 Things to Think About when Buying a Trash Compactor


A trash compactor can be a significant appliance in any kitchen and one you use every day. When researching what kind of compactor will be best in your kitchen, there are various factors which should be taken into consideration. Appliances can come in various models, with various features, and at a variety of price points. Five of the factors to be on the lookout for include:

1. Types

There are several kinds of trash compactors. You will need to do research to determine which trash compactor will fit your needs best. Freestanding compactors usually have a finished top and can be free moving. Furthermore, the finished top is sometimes used as extra counter space. An under-the-counter style compactor will fit into a pre-determined space, like a dishwasher. You can install it among your cabinets, so it does not stick out into the kitchen space. Then, there are compactors that can be either under-the-counter or freestanding. You might want this kind of flexibility when deciding which style to buy.

2. Size

Especially when you are choosing an under-the-counter style compactor, you need to make sure you take measurements. You need to make you sure measure the height, depth, and width so you know if it is going to fit perfectly. Otherwise you may need to make some alterations to accommodate for any gaps around the compactor.

3. Features

As with most appliances, compactors come with some feature choices. Depending on the price spent, the manufacturer, and other factors, the compactor may offer different options. Usually compactors offer similar features, with the exception of size and force. Some of these features include an anti-jam system, removable key knob control, noise insulation, and tilt away trash basket. You will usually have a choice of compacting ram force, ranging from 2000 to 5000 lbs.

4. Price

Prices can vary with compactors. You need to make sure you research different models. Sometimes you can get everything a higher priced model has for a less expensive price. As with any appliance, you generally will spend more as the appliance offers more features. However, there are plenty of models available, so make sure you decide on the options you want as you are investigating.

5. Warranty

Since this is an appliance you are probably going to operate on a daily basis, the warranty is important. These will vary among the different models, so it is important that you understand what you will be purchasing. Some compactors will give you up to a 10-year warranty, which is outstanding. Additionally, sometimes you can purchase an extended warranty. It is important to know what kind of warranty comes with the compactor, what it will cover, and if you can get an extended warranty.