5 Things Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals Offers That Hotels Don’t


Vacation Furnished Apartment Rental

When planning a vacation, whether within Canada or to a more exotic locale, a short term rental Mississauga is a great alternative to the standard hotel room. For reasons ranging from convenience to price, it is an option which travelers should embrace. From families to groups of friends, many travelers can benefit from these homes away from home.

1. Save Money

If staying somewhere for only one night, a hotel may make sense. However, if a vacation is intended to last a week or more a vacation furnished apartment rental becomes an increasingly intelligent financial choice. This becomes especially true with a large group, as an apartment or house with multiple bedrooms is almost always cheaper than the equivalent number of hotel rooms.

2. Cook At Home

For some, cooking is a relaxing hobby in itself. For others, it is yet another way to save some money while on vacation. Either way, a furnished apartment provides vacationers with the flexibility of cooking some of their meals rather than having to eat out three times a day. This can add up to big savings over the course of a few days or weeks.

3.Pack Light, Go Home Clean

Another very real advantage that furnished apartments have over hotel rooms is their laundry facilities. This means that travelers can pack lighter, and it means that everyone can go home with a suitcase of clean clothes rather than a bag full of laundry. Families with young children will especially appreciate this amenity, but it is useful even for groups of friends who are vacationing together. ¬†Here’s a great site that shows you cooking recipes based on the local foods in area.

4. Privacy is Paramount

Everyone has been in hotels with paper thin walls. While listening to the argument in the next room can replace watching television, not everyone enjoys second hand drama. Vacationers who prefer to focus on relaxing and exploring will appreciate the privacy that a private rental affords. Another factor that increases privacy is the lack of daily housecleaning, which some may view as a negative but also means that no strangers are in the rooms while the guests are out.

5. More Personality and Personalization

Many hotel rooms are cut from the same mold. Furnished apartment rentals come in all shapes and sizes, however. Some are bright and colorful, while others are modern and minimalist. Likewise, guests can speak to owners beforehand to personalize exactly what amenities and services they’d like, from free internet to extra towels. It is sometimes even possible to rent a private chef for a night, or to add a weekly housekeeper if it is so desired. Likewise, while hotel front desks may be willing to give out restaurant recommendations, private owners usually know their neighborhood better than any receptionist. This feeling of being in a real home, cared for by real people, is something hotels lack.