5 Signs You Have Hard Water in Your Home


Plumbing services can fix mineral build-up on faucets, strange water odours, and dull clothing—all signs you have hard water in your home. Here are major signs that hard water is the culprit.

1. Funny Tasting Water or a Strange Odour

A bad odour or bad tasting water is one of the common signs that you have hard water. For instance, strange tasting water is a sure sign that the water contains too much iron. In addition, if your water contains hydrogen sulphide gas, it will smell like rotten eggs. Of course, you don’t want to drink water that smells like rotten eggs or has a metallic taste. Call a professional plumbing service immediately to fix the problem.

2. Hard Water Stains

It can be embarrassing when you have hard water stains all over your tub or toilet. These brown or reddish stains are a result of hard water. It shows the water contains too much iron. Take a closer look at the stains and you’ll see that they look like rust spots. Some of those stains can be a result of rusty pipes.

Each time you try to get rid of the stains using vinegar, regardless of how hard you scrub, they keep reappearing. This is a plumbing problem, so the best thing to do is contact a qualified plumber to fix the problem. If you want to learn more, you may find more information at Drain Rescue.

3. Soap Scum Problems

Hard water leaves traces of soap scum. If you discover that your clean dishes are always spotty, don’t put the blame on your dishwasher just yet. First, check to see if you have a hard water problem.

The worst part is that soap scum on shower curtains can stimulate the growth of microbial biofilm. And these bacteria are highly contagious. Hard water leaves you cleaning the kitchen and bathroom more often.

4. Unpleasant Shower Experience

The shower is often one of the places in the house where you get away from the stress of life. Sadly, hard water can ruin your shower experience. The hard water minerals make the soap less effective. Plus, you may find it difficult to wash all the soap off your body. Most times, you probably leave the shower with a film of soapy residue on your skin.

Besides that, residue from your water can clog the showerhead. As a result, the water pressure can weaken. You may be unable to clean your body as much as you desire, which can result in skin problems.

5. Dry, Itchy Skin

No doubt, people experience dry skin in the winter. This is because people spend more time indoors with the heaters running more often. But if you have dry, itchy skin, it’s also possible that you have hard water problems in your home. Mineral deposits left on the skin and clothes can cause skin irritation.

You can improve your skin and water by seeking professional advice from a reliable plumbing company in your local area.

Of course, there are many solutions to hard water. However, the best solution is often installing a water softener. This will improve the condition of your water.