5 Ways to Boost Immigration in Canada


Canada has opened its doors to immigrants in the world over and is in fact being considered a financial breakthrough to those who successfully immigrate there. With the many job opportunities and other appealing attractions, many people are looking for ways to move into Canada.

However, the immigration process is not easy despite the recent reduced immigration restrictions. In fact, Canada has the most advanced immigration system globally so as to better align the immigrant skills with their high expectations and levels of the labor market.

Referred to as the express entry, all applicants are placed together and their application reviewed under a score using the comprehensive ranking system. You might need the help of immigration lawyers but below are some other ways you can boos your immigration to Canada.

1. Keeping a broad perspective

Most people fail because they tend to focus on just one or two areas and aren’t wary of other points areas that ought to be increased. The new CRS system combines a number of points from different areas and combines them to get their successful applicants. Therefore, if you are educated and think you will qualify because of that, you might be up for a rude shock when a much less educated applicant succeeds instead. Always ensure that you increase your score in all areas and your chances will increase. You may find more information at Bellissimo Law Group if you need additional resources.

2. Getting a job offer

This is one of the most efficient ways of securing that much needed permanent visa to Canada. A job offer normally increases the CRS points to up to 200. You can do this by actively looking for a job offer that requires employees to be based in Canada. You can make some sacrifices for example, visiting the country and increasing the chances of face-face meetings with employers. You can also attend job fairs while visiting Canada.

3. Improving your education

Canada’s labor market is very skilled and the Canadian Express system gives a higher priority to highly educated applicants. In fact, education is worth 150 points on its own and 50 extra when combined with higher education and work experience. A higher education will not only increase your application chances but also the employer’s screening as well.

4. Improving the language skills

The language skill is worth up to 260 CRS points. It is the most valued human capital factor and also pumps up the incremental gains. For every improved test results across the language abilities, extra points are added. English and French are the most preferred languages and it’s wise to prepare well in advance before you take these language tests.

5. Stay up-to date with the latest immigration news

As the saying goes, information is power. Immigration rules are constantly changing as the process is being improved. Also, different territories are constantly changing their programs and by staying informed with these news, you can adjust to them before the others catch up.