5 Reasons to Take Marketing Courses


Even if you are not part of your company’s marketing team, there are several good reasons to consider taking marketing courses at the local college or university. Marketing is a skill that is much in demand within a number of occupations, even in positions that are not directly connected to marketing or advertising. Here are some ways that marketing coursework can be advantageous to your career.

1. You can study the art of negotiation.

Marketing is based in part on the insight of balancing people’s needs with their desires. Classes in marketing can help you learn to understand the realities of need-based limits versus the creativity of desire-based goals. Conveying that sense of balance to customers and helping them to explore their creative side while maintaining keeping sight of their restrictive side may be appreciated as well as productive.

2. You learn more about human nature.

Marketing courses allow us to explore the ways in which we understand others and ourselves. Trying to market a product that someone is resisting doesn’t necessarily mean the person is not interested. It might mean that we need to use a different approach. Instead of focusing on a lower price than the competition, maybe the customer needs to hear about its time-saving convenience.

3. Your new skills can be applied to many areas.

We market many aspects of ourselves personally via social media, for example, along with those times when we meet someone new or give a presentation, etc. Preparing to share part of ourselves with an unknown group or the public at large requires careful thought to help us put the best food forward. In daily life as well as on the job, we market ideas, products, and ourselves as candidates for certain roles, whether employee or relationship partner.

4. Your company will consider you more valuable.

When your supervisors find out you are taking marketing coursework, they will likely be impressed at your proactive attitude toward knowledge-building in an important aspect of the business world. They may keep you in mind for future openings in the marketing area. They might also admire your desire to learn and offer you the opportunity to enroll in other coursework or training for a position that ranks higher and pays more than your current one.

5. You will be ready for a marketing position.

If a marketing position that you want does become available within the company, you will be ready after completing coursework in this area. Your company will know that you have completed marketing courses and that you have interests in becoming a better employee.

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