5 Packing Mistakes You’re Probably Making


When it comes to moving day, you’ve probably hired professional movers, but have you considered the importance of packing? From TVs to china to clothing, you have a range of items that need to be packed and transported correctly. Let’s go over 5 common packing mistakes, and how to do a better job.

1. Skipping the sorting.

One of the best things about moving is that it forces you to go through your belongings and consider giving away things that are cluttering up your life. If you just throw everything in a box, you’re missing out on this great opportunity to simplify and clean up your life.

As you pack, consider each item to see whether you’d like to keep it in your life. Have a donation box nearby so you can give away the things you decide against taking with you. While you technically could sort after you move, it’s a lot easier to move less stuff from house to house, and it’ll make your move-in easier.

2. Overfilling the boxes.

Buying brand new cardboard boxes can be expensive, but it’s worth it to get the amount you need to fit your belongings. Avoid overfilling them, because this can lead to excessive weight (which makes it harder for your movers Toronto to do a good job), and can even cause the box to break. Aim for a reasonable weight and make sure the top can close flat.

3. Packing up the whole fridge.

It’s a mistake to think you can keep living your normal life up until moving day. Instead, you should try and use up as much as you can from the fridge to minimize the amount of food you’re transporting between homes. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the pantry and use up as many dried and canned goods as possible. You can always buy new canned goods after you move in.

4. Waiting until the last minute.

It’s important to pack well in advance — you should start the packing process 1 month before you move. If you’re a pack-rat, you might need to start even sooner to sort through your belongings.

Regardless of when you start, it’s important to finish a few days before moving day. You’ll likely be busy with errands and other tasks, and you won’t have time to keep packing. Not to mention the fact that you’ll do a worse job if you rush.

5. Not protecting your delicate items.

There are many delicate items in the typical household, including china, electronics, artwork, diplomas, and plant pots. These all need to be transported in a special way to make sure they’re not damaged in the move.

For example, typically you’d move your plants separately from the move so they don’t risk being tipped over or damaged, since they don’t tend to fit into standard boxes. China needs to be bubble wrapped to prevent breakage, and don’t forget to label it as fragile! Finally, electronics should be packaged in their original box, wherever possible.

If you’re not sure about how to pack an item, do some research before you throw it in with everything else. It could save you from having to replace it!