5 Home Security Mistakes You Might Unknowingly Make


As a homeowner, you are likely always looking for new ways to protect your home, property and family. Perhaps you think you’ve installed a reliable home security system that prevents burglars, but you may have actually installed it the wrong way.

There are several other home security mistakes you may have made unknowingly. This is why it is recommended that you consult a professional locksmith for help. Some of the common residential security mistakes you might be making are listed below.

1. Not Securing Your Trash

Your trash is worth several thousands of dollars to burglars. One of the first things most criminals ransack before breaking into your home is your trash can. The big question is what are they looking for? Your trash and recycling bins may contain confidential document or shreds of documents with valuable personal information.

Any burglar with such vital personal information might use it against you. As long as they are in possession of any of these documents, they no longer have to break into your home. The Lockup Services website is a good reference if you want to find more information online.

2. Not Being Careful with Privacy Fences

Many homeowners install fences for privacy. By doing this, they have the freedom to do whatever they want without feeling that someone, somewhere is watching them. While these fences are great for comfort and privacy, they put your home at risk of being broken into.

No one will see a burglar break into your home while you’re fast asleep or holidaying in the Bahamas. Thieves don’t do their dirty deeds in the open; instead, they look for a great cover. And privacy fences give them just what they are looking for.

3. Switching on the Lights as Your Security System While Away

This is usually a common practice among homeowners. Most people leave the lights on while going on a long vacation, so it looks like someone’s home. Yes, it’s a great idea. But thieves also know these tricks.

Before a criminal breaks into a home, they first do a security check. They look into their target’s home during the day or in the early morning hours to see if there any movement and activity inside. As a result, they can spot when the lights stay on with no one around.

4. Posting Detailed Alarm Signs

Another mistake homeowners make is posting a sign that identifies the alarm company. A smart burglar knows that he has to disable the alarm before breaking in, and you’ve just given them the knowledge they need to do so. The best option is to buy a generic sign from a local store.

5. Keeping Valuables in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a primary target for burglars. Once they break into the home, their first place to check is usually the bedroom. Thieves don’t typically spend more than 15 minutes in a home, and they spend more than half the time in the bedroom. They check virtually all the corners in the bedroom for valuables. You don’t know when your home will be the next target. Don’t be caught unprepared. Hide valuables in hidden spots in the home. Resist hiding all your valuables in the bedroom.

Avoid these costly mistakes and keep your home protected! A locksmith can advise you on ways to protect your home and family.