5 Frequently Asked Questions about Furnished Apartments


The process of hunting for an apartment especially in a new country or city is daunting. Unfortunately, most renters fall into the trap of the beautiful paintings on walls or the modern appliances while overlooking crucial things such as the house rules. Furnished apartments are not a concept that most people understand. Therefore, you should ask questions about a furnished apartment before you rent it out to ensure that you don’t leave any stone unturned. Consequently, this article highlights frequently asked questions about furnished units.

1. What is a furnished apartment?

A furnished apartment is a short-term apartment that is equipped with the necessary amenities for daily use. Furnished apartments Montreal are usually alternatives to hotels, though they are less expensive than hotels. Also, a furnished apartment is flexible, comfortable, offers a home far from home, and offers renters privacy. The apartments are fitted with everything you need to be comfortable, such that you only move in your items.

2. What facilities does the apartment have?

The idea behind a furnished apartment is offering convenience to renters. The apartments are fitted with furniture sets, appliances, and fixtures. Also, you can expect a bedroom or two, bathroom, own living room, and kitchen. Additionally, the apartments have a regular supply of soap, fresh linen, hair dryers, and towels. Also, kitchens are fitted with pots, cooker, coffee machine, cutlery, and refrigerator.

3. Are pets allowed?

Many people always ask this question before renting a furnished apartment. Well, the issue of pets in furnished apartments is a tricky one because rules vary from studio to another. Some apartments allow pets, while others are selective about the kind of pet you have. Some allow large pets while others prefer small pets to big ones. Also, some apartments allow pets, but at an extra fee. Therefore, it is paramount to ask your landlord about pet rules before you move into the studio.

4. What types of apartments are available?

Furnished apartments are available in different types and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. They provide condos, one or two bedrooms or even more, depending on the number of rooms that you want. Also, some apartments have a separate kitchen or living room and bigger rooms. It is paramount to discuss such features or ask your landlord about what type of furnished units they have before you plan to move in or even pay.

5. Are utilities inclusive?

One of the many concerns tenants have about furnished units is about their utilities. Well, most apartment owners include utilities in their rent while others require tenants to pay utilities separately. However, ensure that you inquire if your rent includes utilities such as electric, cable, trash removal, and gas or not.