5 Drains Repairs That Require a Professional Plumber


A clogged drain is a common occurrence in many homes. And once it happens, you may try to solve the problem yourself instead of calling a professional local plumber. If you notice the following warning signs, contact a professional plumbing service immediately for drain repair.

1. Slow Drains

As a homeowner, you should not take lightly any issue that pertains to drainage. At first, a clogged or slow-moving drain might not seem like a big deal, but if left unattended, it can escalate into costly repair work. Slow drains can be a result of a wide range of issues including the early stages of a clog. In some case, it may be that the accumulation of minerals or grease has narrowed the piped. Another culprit can be that the drainage system is not well-graded. Be sure to consult a professional plumber as soon as you notice slow drains to help fix the issue before it escalates into something bigger.

2. Recurring Clogs

Bathroom sink, bathtub and shower drains are vulnerable to recurring clogs because of all the hair that finds its way down there. Perhaps you remove all the hair out of your drain as soon as you find it, but that’s often not enough. It’s impossible to get rid of the entire clog each time. If you notice recurring clogs, even after trying to clear them of hair on your own, it’s high time you contacted a professional plumber. These experts have the right tools and equipment to get rid of clogs for good.

3. More Than One Clogged Drains

If your bathtub and toilet get clogged at once, then the problem is not from the individual fixtures but from the main drain system. Using plungers or chemical drain cleaners might be less effective in this case. The best solution is to call a reliable plumber to help restore your drainage system.

4. Bad Smell

When the drainage system in your home keeps producing a foul odour, it is a sign of a major drainage issue. This kind of situation should be checked by an expert. This foul odour might be a result of a pollutant build-up. The presence of a professional plumber is required. Maybe it is time to give your drainage system a thorough cleaning. And if this doesn’t work, then you may have to replace broken sewer pipes to fix the issue.

5. Tree Root Issues

One of the major causes of drainage issues is tree roots. Just as you know, tree roots grow into large webs underneath the surface. In some cases, they can damage the drains and sewer pipes of your home. Professional drain cleaning company can help you by replacing the damaged pipes and properly sealing the pipe joints. Also, they will help find a lasting solution to the tree roots to prevent re-growth.

You might think consulting a professional plumber is too expensive and you can save more by doing the work yourself. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing then you will likely worsen the situation. So be sure to contact a plumber if you’re experiencing a problem with your drain.