5 Commonly Used Professional Locksmith Services


Locksmiths have an important job in our ever-more-secure society, and locksmith services are needed for a variety of reasons every day. We lock everything up in order to protect our belongings from those who may wish to take them, and to protect ourselves from those who may wish to do us harm.

Locksmith services can include many different things, here are some of the things that they can do for you:

1. Unlocking your property

If you have somehow locked yourself out, a locksmith could come and unlock it for you. These locksmith services are often offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer a short wait time.

Locksmiths know that situations like this are frustrating and stressful, and that in your busy life you don’t have time to be waiting hours to be let into your locked property – whether it be a car, a home, or otherwise.

The locksmith will use special tools to unlock your home for you without the key, and it generally doesn’t cost too much to have them perform this service.

2. Changing locks

Whether you have given a key to someone you don’t want to have it anymore, you had a break in, your keys were stolen, or for any other number of reasons, you may want or need to have your locks changed. A locksmith is able to provide this service, also for a rather low fee. It is also a fairly quick and easy task for locksmiths to accomplish.

When changing a lock, the entire mechanism is replaced, which means you are at liberty to choose which colour and style you prefer for your new lock.

3. Re-keying locks

Similar to changing the lock, re-keying a lock provides the owner with a new key and the lock will no longer work for the old key.

Unlike changing the lock, however, the lock will look exactly the same. All the locksmith does in this service is to take the lock apart and replace the pieces that match the key. Then, a new key is given to match those new parts.

People generally do this when they aren’t necessarily wanting a new-looking lock but want to make sure that the lock is key-controlled – that means that the current users of the locked property are the only ones with access to keys that open it, and that any previous owners or tenants cannot access the property with their old keys.

4. Key cutting

Another locksmith Toronto service offered is to make copies of keys. You may want to give keys to other members of the household or close family members or friends, or you may just want to have a couple of extras kicking around in case you happen to lose a key or forget it somewhere.

Locksmiths charge a small fee to cut a key, and you can get as many as you want cut. There are specialty keys which may cost a little bit more, but overall this service is very affordable, regardless of the type of key you require.

Always try to cut from an original key. Cutting from a key that was cut from another key will create less reliable keys. They may not work in the door, or they may be difficult to use.

5. Unlocking everything

Locksmiths are able to unlock anything you need. Whether it’s your house, your bike, your warehouse, shed, garage, car, or business, if it has a lock, the locksmith can help you gain access to it once again.

Many locksmiths also offer services around security systems, another important part of home and business protection.