4 Ways Agents Can Use Open Houses To Add To Their Real Estate CRM System


A real estate CRM, or client relationship manager, is a way for agents to automate the process of staying in front of past and future clients. Agents need to keep their client list fresh by continually adding new prospects. A simple method is holding open houses with the goal of finding new buyers, sellers, or someone interested in purchasing the home you are holding open. Here are four Real Estate CRM tips on how to maximize an open house to add to your real estate CRM program.

1. Have a Sign In At The Open House

Have a sign-in sheet at the front door. Use a print out sheet attached to a clipboard, or even better, have a tablet or laptop set up so that people can enter their contact information directly into it. Using a digital platform means no messy handwriting you have to try and decipher later. Many agents do not use sign-in sheets because they think most people will enter false information. This is a possibility, but the people that are interested in buying or selling will give you their contact information, and it is a great way to capture ready and willing buyers and sellers. Keep the sign-in process simple only ask for name, email, and optional phone number.

2. Handling Potential Buyers after an Open House

After the open house, go back to the office or your home, and immediately put the buyers into your CRM. Send them an email that thanks them for coming to the open house, and ask them if they would like to meet to go over new mortgage information or to set up a home search profile. Next, set them up on a buyer’s campaign, so even if they do not want to meet right away, you and your contact information will be in front of them.

3. Handling New Sellers after an Open House

Just like the buyers, directly after the open house send all the potential sellers a thank you note, but in the seller’s email, ask them if they would like a free market analysis on the value of their home. Most people appreciate this type of information even if they are not selling their home, so someone who is close to putting their property on the market will probably jump at the opportunity for this type of data. Set them up on a seller’s campaign. In the event you don’t hear back right away, they will still know who you are and how to get a hold of you when they are ready.

4. Neighbors

Curious neighbors always stop by open houses. When they come to your open house and tell you they are just looking ask them if they would like to know how much the home eventually sells for. Of course, most of them will want to know the figures. Let them know you can drop them a quick email when it closes. Most people will gladly leave their email for this type of insider information. Again, send them a quick thank you email right after the open house. Use your real estate CRM to setup the neighbors in a category, so you can pull them all up at once and send a bulk email letting each one know how much the home closes for. Set the neighbors up on a monthly or quarterly newsletter, so they hear from you occasionally.