4 Types of Canadian Business Visa Applications


Canada offers a type of visa that is designed purely for the business individual that has particular needs to travel or stay within the country. Immigration lawyers can give you a more in-depth list of the requirements but you can see the four types of visa that are available for business travelers below.

1. Business Visitor Visa

Canada loves to encourage business visitors as a way to bridge knowledge, expand training, and develop working partnerships of similar business minds. A business visitor visa allows you to move throughout Canada in a less-than-six-month period of time to conduct business audits, observations, training, or other business-related seminars.

The major requirements are your business is conducted outside of Canada and you have no plans of entering the labor market. You also need to have enough funding to return home at the end of your stay and pass security clearance to prove you are not a risk to the citizens. More resources can be found at the Bellissimo Law Group website.

2. Business Entrepreneur Visa

The business entrepreneur route is good if you are relatively young, own a vibrant company that offers employment opportunities in Canada, and have a net worth of at least $300,000 dollars. You must have viable business management experience, business at least 5-years old, and own a minimum of 25 percent stake. Canada welcomes a variety of business entrepreneurs that widen the selection of jobs that allow for greater choices in Canada. The added diversity to the economy helps make Canada economically strong.

3. Self-Employed Business VIsa

Having skills of an artist or athlete can earn you a self-employed business visa if you meet the guidelines. Your personal worth must be in excess of $100,000 dollars, your relevant experience must include national and international level participation, and you need to prove that you make a legal living at your chosen profession or talent. You will be assessed for the ability to assimilate to Canadian culture and language capabilities. It’s important that permanent residents feel comfortable about their move to Canada and won’t suffer any hardships from language difficulties or the ability to make a living.

4. Business Investor Visa

An investor visa is harder to move towards permanent residency than it has been in the past. The qualifications are tough to meet. You must be willing to invest at least $5,000,000 dollars into a Canadian business venture or creation of a new Canadian business. It must be a business venture that is legal, offers revenue through earned income, rather than passive, and will contribute to the overall economy in good ways. It’s a great option if you can meet all the requirements.

Immigration lawyers are happy to help you determine which type of Canadian business visa works best for your travel needs.