4 Practical Benefits of a Trash Compactor


In places such as grocery stores, apartment buildings, and industrial warehouses, waste and trash is inevitable. However, with it comes occasions where build-ups occur and the need to call trash companies for pick-up more than desired. As a result, more and more companies and landlords are turning to the use of compactors to get a good handle on trash build-up. There are many benefits to using a trash compactor and ways it can allow you to better control your trash output.

1. Save space

The fact that your business or property will have trash to dispose of is imminent and there is no way around this. However, you need to store it in an effective manner before you can get it transported to a landfill site and overflowing garbage cans and dumpsters are unsightly.

Trash compactors all you to save space. By pressing down on the waste, it can crush it into smaller, more manageable sizes. Whenever your garbage starts to pile up, you can press the button on the compactor and it will crush the waste, creating more space for additional items and you will not have to worry about overflow. By utilizing trash compactors, it is estimated that you can fit anywhere from 45 to 80 percent more garbage in your dumpster, utilizing space as much as possible. You can find more resources and information from the Rotoble Compaction website.

2. Environmental benefits

In today’s age, people are constantly looking for ways to do their part to help the environment. Garbage compactors are beneficial because they can allow you to participate in green efforts that will reduce harm done to the environment.

When you compact the trash that you have, you are reducing the amount you have because you are crushing it together. As a result, less space will be occupied by your garbage in landfill sites. If you are using the compactor for recyclable materials, you are able to conserve space which means you will always have space for more reusable materials. This reduces the need to use energy to produce more such materials.

3. Cost savings

Whether you are a landlord or a business owner, like anyone else you want to see more money earned than spent. That way, you can put money into other things that need your attention. A garbage compactor on site can definitely assist you in achieving this goal.

A garbage compactor helps you to save money because it maximizes the space in your dumpsters. In doing so, they do not have to be picked up and emptied until they are absolutely packed. This means you will not have to pay disposal companies for pickups any more that necessary. If you are in charge of emptying the dumpsters yourself, you can save noticeable on fuel costs by not having to make as many trips to landfill sites.

4. Reduce issues

Garbage dumpsters are beneficial because they are large enough to hold a lot of trash and they can allow you to manage waste better by not relying on garbage bags and bins. However, there are issues that come with having them. When dumpsters are accessible from the outside it can lead to employee safety issues if they are disposing of trash alone and late at night. The public has access to the dumpster and can use it for their disposal needs, resulting in higher disposal fees. The fact that your waste is accessible can also lead to foul odours and animals such as raccoons, skunks, bears, and squirrels wreaking havoc.

When you have a trash compactor it can reduce all of these issues. The dumpster can only be accessed via secure doors from inside the apartment or warehouse. This removes the ability of outsiders and critters from causing issues and odours are not able to emanate from the dumpster. This setup is also safer because no one is able to get into the dumpster which is especially important when the compaction mechanism is turned on.