4 Overlooked Advantages of Hiring Moving Services


Moving involves a lot of different tasks. Homeowners need to sort and organize their possessions and pack everything. They then need to transport these items to their new home, while coordinating their schedules with their work and the children’s schools. Movers can help simplify the moving process by providing a few often-overlooked advantages.

1. Movers Save Homeowners from Injury

Moving large items such as heavy furniture and appliances requires certain lifting techniques and multiple people. Moving equipment may also be needed for heavier items. When homeowners attempt to move these items on their own, they risk injuring their back or worse.

If a homeowner drops an appliance during transport, they may injure their foot, drop the appliance down the stairs, or drop it on the person helping to carry it.

Hiring professional movers allows homeowners to avoid these risks. They handle all the heavy lifting, protecting homeowners from injury.

2. Moving Companies Often Offer Storage Solutions

Moving services may include more than packing, transporting, and unloading possessions. Many moving companies offer storage solutions.

When a homeowner cannot immediately move into their new home, but needs to start clearing out their old home, these storage services provide a convenient solution. For a low rate, large items can be kept in a storage unit.

Using a storage unit also provides a way for homeowners to free up space in their houses when preparing to show it to potential buyers. Buyers prefer to see a home with limited décor and furniture, so they can imagine how it looks with their own items.

3. Movers Can Pack the Most Fragile Possessions

People often picture large guys carrying heavy items when they think about moving companies. While they are skilled at transporting heavy appliances and furniture, they also have experience packing fragile items.

Moving companies typically offer packing services. These services allow homeowners to focus on other details while the moving company packs everything into boxes. The professionals use the right packing techniques to ensure that every item is safe and ready for transport.

In fact, these items are less likely to break during transport compared to items packed by homeowners. While the average person moves every seven years, a moving professional may complete hundreds of moves during that same period.

4. Moving without Help is Not Always Less Expensive

Some homeowners may choose to avoid hiring moving services due to the cost. However, moving without help is not always a less expensive option.

When moving without professional help, homeowners may need to rent moving vans or trailers. They may also need to purchase lifting equipment or dollies to move heavy items and clothes or blankets to protect objects from damage.

There is also a greater risk of homeowners damaging their own possessions. If an antique piece of furniture breaks on the way to the new home, it may not be covered by the homeowner’s insurance. However, moving companies are insured.

With these factors, hiring professionals becomes more cost-effective and convenient compared to moving without any extra help. You should visit the http://www.hudsonmovers.com/ website if you would like more information.