4 Concerns with Cloud Safety, Answered


It is very normal to be concerned about the safety of using cloud storage for your business. Many people wonder if it really is secure enough to rely on cloud storage for important and sensitive documents, and the answer is yes. While hackers and other people may try to make you concerned about the safety of your storage, when you rely on quality services such as Azure management, you can rest easy knowing that all of your information is safe, you are able to store your documents where they are easily accessible, and your applications run quickly and effectively.

1. How are my documents in the cloud protected?

It’s a good idea to understand how cloud storage is protected so you can make sure you have a solid understanding of how your documents will be secured. Encryption is the first line of defence for cloud storage and uses very complex algorithms that will keep your information safe. Without an encryption key, hackers will not be able to decipher your files. While nothing is 100% undecipherable, the only way to keep that information completely safe is to store it in a safe. Cloud storage is significantly more secure than data stored on your computer.

2. Is it really reliable?

When users store data on their computer instead of in the cloud, they risk what will happen to their information and files if their computer system fails or is damaged by a natural disaster. Unlike storage in a computer that can easily be wiped out in an accident, cloud storage is significantly more reliable. You will not have to worry about losing your files. Additionally, by choosing a reliable cloud provider, you can enjoy peace of mind that your files and information will be protected.

3. How do I keep my data safe?

It is up to both you and your cloud provider to make sure your data and files are as safe and secure as possible when stored in the cloud. Using a quality password is the first step to ensuring that your information is protected. It’s always a good idea to use different passwords for every application and to use symbols, numbers, and letters that will make it more difficult for somebody to crack. Military grade encryption will provide you with the best possible security for your data, but it is up to you to make sure you choose a strong password and protect it. For further information, you may find there are more resources on the Carbon 60 website.

4. Do other companies trust cloud storage?

Many smaller companies worry about the security of cloud storage and question whether or not other companies are trusting their files and documents to this type of storage. Knowing that at least 86% of companies not only use cloud storage, but also use more than one storage system gives people peace of mind. This survey consisted of polling companies from more than 80 countries. This means that companies trust cloud storage enough to incorporate it into their data storage. The usage of cloud storage for companies keeps rising year after year.