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Travel Clinics Can Help Prevent A Nightmare Vacation

Most people have long-term relationships with their family physician or pediatrician and never think about using a walk-in clinic as a means to healthcare. In fact, it might even seem foreign to them. However, when traveling or after regular doctor hours, urgent care clinics are a cost-effective and easily accessible in time of an emergency. If you aren’t able to reach your regular family doctor, a walk-in travel clinic Toronto may be the better choice than sitting in the emergency room for a minor medical problem.

News & Editorials

Travel Checklist For Carry On Luggage When Flying

Have you ever been on a flight and realized that you forgot to pack an item in you carry-on luggage? Perhaps you forgot it altogether, or you thought well enough that it would be fine in your regular luggage for when you arrive at your destination. Depending on the length of your flight, failing to pack your carry-on bag correctly can be frustrating. Discomfort isn’t the only thing you have to worry about, however, as lost luggage can mean all you have on your person is your carry-on bag.